How to Choose The Right Ephedra Diet Pill

Good and bad there has been a lot of conversations on Ephedra the last few years, but one thing is for sure Ephedra is the most effective weight loss supplement there is.

Ephedra has been around many years in fact the Chinese has been using Ephedra in their medicine for more than thousands of year. Many years later Ephedra hit the spot light for its weight loss abilities.

You might have seen bodybuilders and other fitness athletes doing competitions with a fat layer less than 4% which is basically no fat on your body at all, except the fat tissue surrounding your organs.

Of course dieting and exercise have done a lot, but it is a fact that Ephedra plays a big role, when athletes want to go to the Extreme weight loss.

What does this tells us? It tells us that Ephedra supplements are very effective when it comes to lose weight. Imagine what Ephedra can do for you that just want to lose weight and don’t want to look like a bodybuilder.

And it is so little you need to get great results.

We can divide Ephedra diet pills into 3 groups, mild, moderate and heavy.

The mild group typically contains around 10 to 12.5 mg of high quality Ephedra and are, perfectly suitable for women and very sensitive people. If you weight around 120 to 150 pounds it is a good idea to start here as well. Megadrine and Metabodrene are perfect choices for this group.

The moderate group are, around 20 to 25 mg per capsules and are well suited for regular overweighed males with no prior Ephedra or work out, eat healthy experience. But they want to lose some body fat. Lipodrene and Eca Xtreme are perfect choices for this group.

Finally the heavy group, are typically male athletes, bodybuilders and fitness competitors that need to go to the extreme weight loss. The best choices here would be Green Stinger and Black Ace both containing Ephedra Alkaloids.

If you are just starting out, this guide is pretty easy to follow to determine which group you should choose.

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