How Much Would You Save If You Quit smoking today ?

In one of the several stop smoking reviews web sites , an individual bragged that he saved more than three thousands dollars each year since he decided to quit smoking cigarettes . If you multiply it with the years since you stopped inhaling cigarettes, surely you will be richer by more than a hundred thousand dollars .

The amount may appear huge for most that have an average income. But did you know that you are able to actually become rich if you quit smoking today?  Here are ways to become rich if you quit smoking today.

One of the ill effects of smoking is lung cancer; no smoker is exempted from this risk. Stop smoking reviews websites disclosed that men who smoke are 23 times more likely to develop lung cancer and women tobacco users are thirteen   times more likely to suffer this condition.

Lung cancer is an expensive disease.  A study indicated that the cost of treating it with drugs for an eighteen week course is 80,000 dollars . Furthermore, another study highlighted that chemotherapy for lung cancer, regardless of stage, is equivalent to 40,000 dollars . Adding the 2 , you arrive at $120,000   cost of treatment and there is no guarantee that you get any kind of extension to your liveliness.  If you stop smoking today, besides saving your life you will save money, on top of the daily savings, from refraining buying your daily pack of cigarettes. As a stop smoking reviews site emphasized, the statistics are rising.

The problem with smoking is that when a complication arises, it is always accompanied by another.  Some quit smoking reviews pointed out that 3 smokers out of 5 are suffering from more than two complications because of smoking.Apart from lung cancer, smokers are exposed to several heart diseases.  In some cases, the 2 are inseparable, for most patients who have a history of constant smoking.

If you stop smoking today, you will make savings of more than $60,000 , which is the most probable cost of heart surgery.  In addition, if you quit smoking at a young age, the cost of dealing with possible strokes amounts to 500,000 dollars , and if you quit afterward, the lifetime cost amounts about $100,000 .

Granting you will have both complications (lung cancer and heart disease), if you stop smoking today by the time you reach your forty ’s you will be at least 280,000 dollars richer or 680,000 dollars depending on your age.  The amount is more than decent to fund extra stop smoking reviews sites to promote a more healthier life style.

If you don’t stop smoking today, you will not only suffer major complications like lung cancer and heart related diseases, you will also have bad breath issues and gum problems.  In a quit smoking reviews article, someone pointed out that the cost of treating both can amount to 10,000 dollars without insurance.

Mind you, problems never stop coming if you do not stop smoking today.  The amount does not include expenses for stop gap measures like hiding these problems with breath fresheners, menthol candies and analgesics among others.  The life cost of buying these items can be two times as much as treating the problem medically.

Based on the estimates mentioned above, you can just imagine how richer you will be if you stop smoking today.  The estimates can reach as high as $1million . You can start to quit smoking today by reading helpful articles from different stop smoking reviews web sites on the internet.

Or have your secretary print and compile those quit smoking reviews articles so you can review them every day to remind yourself of the benefits of a smoke free life. There are other unquantifiable costs if you don’t quit smoking today.

A stop smoking reviews web site commented that ill effects of smoking that cannot be quantified are more painful to handle than effects that have price tags.  Another stop smoking tips further added that some of the ill effects of smoking are not placeable unless there is loss involved.

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