Healthy Mouth With Phytonutrients

Dentists give out advice, which must be included in there dental marketing plan, not only on matters relating to your teeth and gums, but also in respect of your general health. The health of the mouth is dependent upon a general health of the body as a whole.

One subject that is worth considering is that of phytonutrients. These are nutrients derived from plants that are important in helping to sustain human life, not by feeding it, but rather by protecting it from damage. These compounds help to protect plants from damage and disease and they can do the same for us. They have been shown to be effective in countering cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, amongst other things. They are involved in various ways and in different cell processes, helping to prevent cancer cell replication, and decreasing cholesterol, for example.

Fruits and vegetables are full of phytonutrients, such as tomatoes, peppers, green vegetables, broccoli. It is better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables versus canned food, as they may contain added sugar. . Another important group of phytonutrients are called polyphenols, found in onions, apples, red grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and tea. Green tea is especially high in polyphenol content and has become very popular amongst the health conscious as a result. City dentists have long been extolling the virtues of tea, by the way, as it seems to help inhibit tooth decay. This should be available to patients via dental website marketing for dentists.

Lots of people, especially city dwellers, don’t eat as much fresh fruit as they should. City life, unlike that of, say a Mediterranean peasant, is much faster in pace, and we don’t always have time to eat proper, well balanced meals. A burger and fries may be tasty, but is devoid of phytonutrients, unless you count the lettuce leaf. Also, all our produce has to be flown in from foreign parts rather than having been grown locally. The produce suffers delay in getting to us, depleting its nutrient content, and may have been subjected to various chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides which might offset any benefit the fruit nutrients might give us. Dental Consulting will help dentists incorporate this data in the form of brochures, etc, to keep your patients informed.

If you feel like you may be lacking in antioxidants, a good supplement is the answer to protect your body from the sun, smoke, pollutants, etc!

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