Healthy Edible Wedding Favors

Edible wedding favors have been distributed for many years.  For a time, sugar cubes and fine confection were the preference of aristocrat couples in Europe, but after a while, when the tradition had hit the commoners and began to spread, the choice of food had become varied.  Today, there is no restriction as to the sort of goodies you can give to your wedding guests.

In this age, a lot of people are already finding, or have already discovered, the value of keeping oneself healthy.  More and more individuals have become conscious of what they eat and drink.  And so, if you’re planning to provide an edible wedding favor to your guests, you might as well also let them know that you care by giving them something healthy like tea.

First, you have to know that there’s a difference between tea and herbal tea.  Real tea comes from only one species of plant, the Camellia sinensis, while herbal tea can come from other plants and herbs.

Camellia sinensis has three varieties:

·    China – grows on high altitudes and has small leaves

·    India (Assam) – grows on lower altitude and has larger leaves

·    Hybrid – has features of both China and India kinds

From these three, you can get four sorts of tea.  It is the process that makes them different from one another:

·    Black Tea – the leaves are left to wither and go under complete oxidation

·    Green Tea – left to wither only a bit and then the leaves are heated rapidly to stop oxidation

·    Oolong Tea – goes into partial oxidation and its caffeine level sits somewhere between the black tea and green tea

·    White Tea – uses the youngest shoots of the tea plant and are not oxidized

Now, if you select herbal teas to offer as your wedding favors, then you have hundreds of selections.  Just to name some:

·    Chamomile tea

·    Rosemary

·    Hibiscus

·    Gingerroot

·    Lemon grass

·    Licorice

·    Mint

·    Sage

·    Ginseng

·    Chrysanthemum

Herbal tea is very much valued for its antioxidant properties, as well as its exquisite taste and aroma, which your guests would certainly appreciate.

The packaging of your tea wedding favors would just be as appreciated as the tea itself.  It would be a good idea for you to include a little background details about this drink that you are giving out, like its health benefits, where it came from, and how it’s prepared.  Your gift will surely be appreciated.

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