Green Tea reviews

Without question, there are lots of green tea products flooding the markets these days. It seems that one new product is being launched quite often.

The real question is: how can tell the genuinely health promoting ones from the rubbish products?

How to do a Green Tea Review

Two effective ways to determine exactly what it is you may be drinking or eating is to check product labels and sort through its ingredients very closely. Or if online search through the website and look for reviews, testimonials, endorsements like as seen on TV, but always check the exact ingredients and Google search for information about any ingredients you don’t know about.

What you need to find to determine the health benefits of green tea are:

  1. A full list of ingredients for the product. As it happens some green tea leaves products only contain 2% to 57% green tea. The rest are additives, flavor enhancers and preservatives. Some “green” tea products may also be made mostly of other varieties of dried tea or dried plant materials. Although you can still gain the health benefits of green tea with the other products, this might be outweighed by harmful effects of consuming too much processed ingredients regularly. So it is necessary that you analyze product labels very carefully.
  2. Check out a green tea review or two online.. What you need to find are independent websites or health forums or blogs were green tea products are being given impartial ratings by those who have already tried the products.

Be on the lookout for green tea reviews that does not post negative comments. Sometimes, there is simply no way of knowing if the articles are indeed commissioned by product sponowners. Most websites may be paid to market and display green tea products which is not always a bad sign as website operators need to get paid for there time as well, just use your own judgment . To really know the score always look for reviews that post both the good and bad points of the product and find recommendations from normal people that you trust.

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