Good Overall Health Begins With Healthy Digestion

Some of my close friends know that I have an interest in digestive health and wellbeing. In discussion with some of them this week, they wanted to know what I might do to ensure a seriously effective digestive system for myself. I was startled. I can explain why…

I’ve authored a lot with regards to different facets of good digestive health that I have not truly reflected and considered it as a whole. What might I do if I had to put in place a regimen for my body? It really is interesting how you are relaxed giving advice to other people however when you are required to look at your own circumstance, it can be quite demanding.  

First of all, let us define some context. It is turning out to be progressively evident that diet is crucial to good all round health and wellbeing. One of the worlds leading medical research companies located in Britain states that the overwhelming majority of degenerative health conditions are often atributed to bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract which undermines the digestive system.  How’s that for a concept?

I have problems with high cholesterol, so my diet needs to be low in saturated fat and low in sugars. My doctor proposed that I eat more fish, specifically oily fish that are high in omega 3. He also explained that a number of foods like eggs, dairy and fatty meat goods aren’t perfect in my diet because they have high quantities of cholestoral. Here’s my problem. Furthermore, I have gout. Gout is induced by higher levels of acetic acid in the body that’s brought about by taking in food items with high levels of a substance called purine. So which foods are high in purines? Fish, meat, sweet meats, meat extracts etc. My issue is after you take out foods which are bad for cholestoral and next subtract foods high in purine, there is a minimal selection of foods I am permitted to eat! My task, and for those in a similar situation, is to organize my diet plan thoroughly.

And then there is the topic of an effective digestive system. An efficient digestive system, at least from my outlook, is one that extracts the nutritional value from the food we ingest and effectively gets rid of the waste products which all of us do not require. If either of these operations is suboptimal in any way, then it could lead to health issues. For instance, the speed that our food moves through our digestive tract is crucial for nutrient absorption and constipation. If waste material transfer slowly by way of the digestive system then more water is extracted which solidifies the stools.

Okay let me return to the original query. What precisely would I personally implement? I’d like to state  an important point here. I am not a medical professional consequently am not qualified to give medical advice. What I am about to say is a personal opinion based on my own knowledge and may not be appropriate for all. As I said earlier, we are all different and should make a plan that suits our own situation.

To begin with, I’d prepare my personal diet regime. I might contemplate what things to eat will be good for me and I’d ensure that these are incorporated within my plan. Many fruits, greens, whole grains and cereal products for instance. I would also feed on those items that I just love but are unhealthy for me but only in small quantities. I appreciate sweets which includes condensed milk as an example! I’d then detox my colon of any gathered toxic waste by using a super colon cleanse. This will likely eradicate any waste materials clinging to my intestinal tract which could lead to problems later on. Afterward I’d personally augment my diet with quality probiotic yogurt. Probiotics supplements are important since they add more ”good bacteria” to the stomach. Lastly I would supplement with a regular multivitamin to be sure that any imperfections in my diet plan are included.

Excellent digestive health is crucial to longevity and general health.  Some will not go along with my solution and that is to be expected.  Even so, I do believe that using my strategies would be a substantial step in the right direction for the majority of people.

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