Follicular Cysts – What Are Your Treatment Choices?

You have just been to the physician for stomach pain. After a pelvic test and an ultrasound, the medical doctor has given a diagnosis. Together with a remedy for the ache, you are scheduled to return after a couple of weeks, except if the pain becomes severe or you have unusual bleeding. You are currently online searching for answers. Therefore, what are follicular cysts and the treatment alternatives?

Naturally, you do not want to be left in the dark, especially regarding your wellbeing. If you are a young woman who wants children eventually, it is particularly troublesome if the medical doctor says anything unconstructive about your ovaries. What you need is a clarification, in clear terms, and the treatment alternatives available to you.

Through a normal menstrual cycle a dominant follicle will develop during the initial two weeks. The sac filled with fluid will then rupture to discharge the egg for potential fertilization. Nevertheless, every so often the sac would not rupture and continue to be filled with fluid.

In numerous cases, follicular cysts are nothing to be bothered about. As a matter of fact, most women have possibly had one, at one time or another, and not even been aware of the problem. A follicular cyst will normally resolve itself in 1 month or two. On the other hand, if the cyst grows really big, it could twist the ovary and bring about severe ache. Hence, if this happens to you, what exactly are your treatment choices?

Hormonal therapy:
If you are vulnerable to recurring follicular cysts, the medical doctor may recommend birth control pills. The hormones slow the production of estrogen, which scientifically feeds the cyst. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to get pregnant, this particular treatment will most likely not be your primary choice.

Surgical procedure:
In severe cases of follicular cysts, a surgical treatment is a possible choice. But, whatever surgery is not without inherent risks. Not just is it costly and potentially painful, there is continually the risk of scar tissue which can lessen the chances of conceiving. In addition, there is no promise that the cysts will not come back in time.

Holistic therapy:
If you are not comfortable with the initial two alternatives, holistic remedy could be the answer for getting rid of your follicular cysts. The remedy is natural, which means no pregnancy preventing hormones; it is not expensive or painful; and several women can attest to being free of future follicular cysts utilizing only the natural holistic approach.

Now you know the fundamentals of follicular cysts of your ovaries and the treatment choices which are obtainable to you. It is your body, your own choice. But, for lots of women, holistic therapy is the natural answer, without affecting the ability to have a baby in time.

Majority of the women who have had success with this method only tried it after years of suffering with ovarian cysts, and being let down by conventional medicine. Don’t make the same mistake. If you have ovarian cysts, try the natural method before it’s too late – you won’t be sorry.

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