Figure Competition Tips

So you have decided to partake in a figure competition!  That’s a great goal.  Before you begin your figure competition prep you need some good tips to get started since it’s not always the easiest task.  If you are dead-set and ready to take charge here are some figure contest guidelines so you can be successful.

Have Self-Confidence – To step on the figure contest stage, below those bright lights in a posing suit, you are going to have to have some self-confidence.  Form an inner belief that you can and will do it and that you will even place well and win.  You can easily form self-confidence by free weight training, doing aerobics, blending with other figure athletes at the gym, going to figure contests, practicing posing, etc.  Your self-confidence boosting options are endless.  As you do the things to boost your self-confidence, create a winning attitude. 

Begin a Figure Prep Diet – It is utterly essential to have the right  figure prep diet if you want to partake in a figure contest and win.   A winning figure competition diet includes quality complete proteins, carbs, and fats.  Also, you should be consuming such balanced meals every 3 hours to ensure a positive nitrogen balance and decent nutrients flowing to the muscles to aid in recuperation and fat burning.  The correct figure diet will help you to hold on to and even build lean muscle and allow you to burn fat, forming that winning figure physique. 

Begin a Quality Resistance Training Program – You should start a structured figure competition training program and follow it consistently.  Get on a good training split to work your muscles hard and to allow for optimal recovery.  Your weight training plan needs to be roughly 5-6 days a week.  It is vitally important to take one day off every week and allow your body rest fully.   

Begin an Aerobics Routine – Just as you have to resistance train to build a good muscle base, you need to apply aerobics to melt off the excess body fat.  Start your cardio early, say 12-16 weeks before your figure show.  Start easily, such as 3-4 days each week for 20 minutes and progress that each week.  You don’t want to start your cardio off full-force, a hour a day 7 days a week.  Doing so will cause burnout and a loss of muscle mass.  Take cardio slowly and progress it each week. 

No doubt, preparing for a figure competition takes dedication. You have to focus your mind, be consistent on your figure program, and have trust in your plan.  If you set a powerful goal with a specific outcome, you will achieve it.  Simply believe in it and in yourself.

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