Fatloss a key to gain a good health

Hey Yuri Elkaim here with another episode of ask Yuri and just got in from workouts and require to have couple of movements to answer some of the questions and today I am going to break this video so that I can answer questions individually, I am having couple of questions . I am actually breaking down this question into several components so that i will be able to answer each one of them in the best possible manner, so lets start with the first question . Alright, I don’t know who this person is, he is asking what is your response on the fitness program offered by beachbody.com regarding P90X, insanity, are they beneficial for beginners and do you think people about 100 pounds or overweight will be helpful in reducing their weight .

First off all, I use P90X and I like it and it is really good program, my constraint for P90X is very very intensive from time. Like 6 days a week, 2 hours you know, 2 hours for workout and if you have extra time natural thing, pioneer of the good times, it is a good program if you stick to it . So, I am not going to say it is a great program, I think 24 is awesome and if you stick to it, that’s what the key is, what kind of program you can stick too and that is going to produce the results .

Insanity, I have never used it personally but it is based on interval cardio training which is good . So, again high intensity exercise that can also be a benefit, not again it doesn’t really matter where you are in terms of your weight, you know if you are 100 pounds overweight and if you can do P90X workouts, it is good you can go for . If you can’t you are not the beginner, then you may understand something little bit you know, to ease with you going to exercise. But the goals here for the final program that is going to be sustainable for you, ok. That’s, that’s the goal, ok. So, I think the program is all that you can maintain, the way you schedule that they, that they kind of indorse.

Ok, the second question, people have had previous heart problems, high blood pressure as much enjoins problems pretty times, ok. What suggestions you may have for people who have one or more such conditions? Suggestion in terms of exercise or diet, I mean what? I am just going to take that angle, other than I personally do see your physician, you have to go through that relative, you know what is going on. Secondly, from the exercise prospective, you got it to moving in, you can’t sit on the couch as I am doing right here to get the X factors to get better during the Fitter U fitness program.

So, weight could actually be an advice and I will see you with the, more we can show the environment, may be at the cardio equitable rehabilitation center, it is you want to start some type of exercise that will strengthen your cardio vascular system in the safe reflective manner. You know, never really has not doing anything helped anybody and the reason that lot of people have an issues developing the cardio vascular, this is because of lack of exercise and poor diet, so you need to rectify your diet, you need to get more exercise in slow and progressive manner, right?

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