Dr. Robert O. Young and the Alkalarian Lifestyle

Throughout the history of dieting there were at least half a zillion trend diets on the market at one time or another. Each one of them claims to hold the secret to optimum fitness and health. But if that’s’s true, then why are there so many? Is it because there are some diets that work better for certain folks than for others? Or maybe it is due to the fact folks wait to start their diets right before a large event and then end them just as fast.

Many diets need you to change what you eat for a little while, only to go back to prior food habits when the specified result is achievedor when you are burned out on attempting to maintain the unrealistic programme and you just give up! Dr. Robert O. Young has a different view on the way to eat healthy. A self-proclaimed nutrition consultant, Dr. Young is a microbiologist who has studied and written about the effects that an improper pH balance can have on the body.

By eating too many foods that are acidic,eg sugars and processed foods, our bodies become inundated and must come up with ways to deal with the extra acidity. According to Dr. Young, this is one reason for weight gain and many other ailments like cancer and osteoporosis. The straightforward solution is to change our diet habits to include more alkaline fruits and vegetables which will help our bodies to have the proper pH balance they need to function.

The difference between this philosophy and the variety of health diets out there’s that it’s a way of living not a fad. When you set out with a non permanent goal under consideration you could have brief success. Dr. Young’s Alkalarian lifestyle helps improve health by maintaining pH balance in a sustainable, natural way.

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