Don’t Let The Chocolate Bunny Stick To Your Thighs

 Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  The meaning of it, the colors that decorate, the fun dresses we get to wear and of course I love the basket my mom gives us every year. I am pretty sure that when I am forty years old, I will still get a basket from my parents.  I love most of the stuff in it, we get olive oils, raw almonds, coffees… but then there is also that chocolate bunnies (two: one milk, one dark chocolate), cadbury eggs, and jelly beans. 

 Before just diving into the candy, I try to give it away, which helps a lot.   My husband and I live in a condo and we’re blessed to have a young bachelor as a neighbor, for the past three years, I have given him 90% of the junk… I will admit I keep a piece of my favorite candy and Dan keeps the dark chocolate bunny.   It’s a win-win, he gets to know it’s Easter and I get to walk away guilt free knowing I didn’t chow down on a basket full of sugar and fat.   

 Of course not everyone can just pass on their junk food to someone else, and on top of the Easter candy, there is also the big meal and dessert.   So incase you’re feeling stuffed after the holiday and need help burning those calories off, here is a great workout to try out this week.   

 To help get an idea of how your snacking went, a single chocolate bunny can easily have over five-hundred calories.   I personally love cadbury eggs, but one egg has over 170 calories, more than twenty-two grams of sugar… and what about the beloved peeps: over 130 calories and 34 grams of sugar! 

 SO what do you say now… ready for an awesome fat burning workout plan?   This workout brings the benefits of cardio and strength training together so that you burn the most calories!   Because it’s intense, you really only need to do it 3 days a week. On your off days feel free to add in a great cardio workout, like a 20 minute interval sprint-walk program for a scorching exercise routine. 

 What’s even better is that it only takes thirty minutes to do the entire workout!  Minimal equipment is needed so if you can’t get to the gym not a big deal. The idea is that the workout is made of three mini circuit training workouts… so you will need a timer. Rest for 2 minutes between circuits.

The first workout is for 10 minutes. Do these three exercises back to back as many times as possible in 10 minutes.

  •  5 Push-ups (if you need to, do them on your knees) 
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  •  15 Skiers 

 Rest for two minutes, then do circuit 2 for 8-minutes. 

  • 5 Pike push-up
  • 10 Walking Lunges
  •  15 Burpees 

The third and final mini circuit is for just 7 minutes:

  •  5 Dumbbell Lateral Raises 
  •  10 Stair steppers (Step-ups) 
  • 15 Lemon Squeezes

Your heart rate will stay up the entire workout which will have those jelly beans being burnt away quickly!

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