Does Drinking Water Really Promote Weight Loss?

We, and quite a few other fat loss experts, have touted the advantages of consuming water to shed fat. In fact, just about every weight loss blog out there suggests that water and weight loss go together . Critics, nonetheless, love to suggest that there are no medical research to prove that drinking water leads to fat loss. However, they have been right…that is, until now.

A recent research study by researchers at the department of human nutrition, foods and exercise at Virginia Tech has now verified that good old H2O does in reality promote fat loss!

In this research, forty-eight adults, between the ages of 55-75, were split into two groups. One group of dieters was instructed to drink two cups of drinking water before their food while the other group was instructed not to. The final results were quite amazing!

The group of volunteers that drank 2 glasses of drinking water before foods ate 75-90 less calories at each meal and burned 5 lbs more weight within the 12-week research study than those who did not consume water.  

Dr. Brenda Davis hypothesizes that good old water fills up the belly with a 0 calorie substance, which causes you to eat less.

Apart from the benefit to satiety, there is some evidence that consuming water through the day can also promote metabolism to further promote weight loss. Consuming cold drinking water needs energy to warm it to body temperature, this heat energy uses up calories. Researchers also think that drinking cold water causes the system to kick out adrenalin to increase heat production within the body. This adrenalin promotes weight loss by stimulating lipolysis. The lesson of the study is: “Drink water prior to meals, consume water between meals, just consume more h2o!”

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