Do the Turks Know Something We Don’t?

Each night time while staying in Ismir Turkey, we came across a restaurant and the head waiter attempted to entice us to enter.  Each night we listened to his story and looked at the presentation but decided to look further.  Then, on our second last night in Ismir, we gave in.  We took our seats at the restaurant.  That was a BIG MISTAKE!

The meal was quite tasty and the service above average.  As my wife and I finshed our food , we sat idly in our chairs and finished our drinks.  I noticed that a young American couple had ordered the same dish as I did,  adana kebap.  I wonder if they suffered the same fate as I did? 

Anyway, we were looking around the restaurant and noticed the large wood-fired oven, much like a pizza oven.  The waiter walked over to collect our plates and my wife inquired about the oven.  The waiter said that they used the oven in the mornings to cook all the meals and then they placed the cooked food in the refrigerators at the front of the cafe.  It did not stike me as unusual but my wife was very surprised.  In fact she raisedit  in conversation as we walked home.  That’s not where it ended…

That night, I awoke at about 1am with a splitting headache and was sweating profusely.  Within minutes I was freezing cold and shivering profusely.  Then it struck – the to be avoided at all costs – diarrhea!

We were planning to travel to one of the local attractions the next day but I was not anywhere well enough to go.  The guide was due to collect us at 8am and I asked my wife to go solo.  I was so sick; there was no way I could travel.  So my wife left for the day and I lay there thinking I was going to die.  Then an amazing thing happened.

Our hotel manager came to see me.  My wife had explained the situation and that I was sick and not to worry about serving the room that day.  Anyway, he brought with him a small plate of green grapes and a large bowl of yoghurt.  Anyone who has been to Turkey will know that they eat a plenty of yoghurt!.  He explained that the yoghurt would correct all my stomach problems.  I did not really feel like eating at all but made a token effort and placed the bowl next to my bed Edit this text once he had gone.  Then I remembered something i should have thought of before…

I have been writing about probiotics and the merits of taking probiotic capsules for many years !  These ”friendly bacteria” are good for the digestive tract.  With two days of bus travel to come , there was no way I wanted to be embarrased with a public incident !  So I consumed the yoghurt.

The next day I was on the mend and although still suffering a stomach problem , was able to keep traveling.  I had my fill of natutal probiotic supplement in the form of yoghurt again that morning and ready to continue.

The lesson I have learned from this bad experience in Turkey is that probiotics are a wonderful preventative measure and I will not travel to a another country without a supply of probiotic supplements on hand.  You cannot predict how indespensible they could be!

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