DNA Repair and Anti Wrinkle Cream

Introducing Uncaria tomentosa – you might know it as Cats claw a native of the tropical jungles of Brazil and Peru in South America.

Uncaria gets its common name from its curved , thorns that emerge along the stem at the leaf axis which, naturally – appear like the claws of a cat .  Locally it’s called Una de Gato.
Like many other jungle plants, Uncaria has long been recognized by local tribe for its healing abilities and from the 1980′s, European researchers found indications that Uncaria did contribute a beneficial treatment for a number of degenerative conditions like Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia , genital herpes, osteoarthritis osteoarthritis, genital herpes) , cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome .
But what is most exceptional about Uncaria , is that water extracts without the alkaloids present have been shown to boost our natural repair of DNA . This exceptional property has been harnessed in a substance called AC-11 ® and formerly known as C-Med-100 ®. Differing from other products that are offered as Cats-claw , AC-11® is the only product available that contains a unique class of CAE (Carboxy Alkyl Esters) actives demonstrated through extensive research to offer healthy aging and natural DNA repair enhancement properties .

After ten years of study AC-11 ® a key ingredient in the Activar Skin Renewal System and AIO Advanced Cellular Health has been found to:

  • Activate the enzymes to help your body’s natural ability to fix DNA
  • Measurably boosts the natural collagen III production in your skin
  • Works to normalize the production of NF-KB in the cells, which regulates the cellular response to inflammation.
  • Increases the life span of lymphocytes, thereby enhancing the immune system

AC-11® helps our body to address sun and environmental stress-related damage to DNA and Ceregenex has included AC-11® in 2 excellent products. AIO – Advanced Cellular Health and the Activar Skin Renewal System.

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