Dead Sea Salt Offers Amazing Health Benefits

The Dead Sea was considered a wonder in addition to being one of the world’s first health resorts. It has brought celebrated visitors as well as everyday folks for more than two millennia. In fact, the Roman historian Flavius wrote about the health benefits of Dead Sea salt two thousand years ago, and King David cherished the Dead Sea as a destination of solitude when he needed to restore himself from the aches and pains associated with ruling the kingdom. The most famous champion of the Dead Sea and a life-long believer in the health benefits of the salt was Cleopatra, the ruler of Egypt.

Cleopatra’s image and life style have been the topic of numerous books and stories, but the real truth about the first beauty queen is that she utilized the Dead Sea as her personal cosmetic facility, and actually tried to gain the exclusive rights to build pharmaceutical factories around the sea. The health properties of Dead Sea salt were obvious to her; she was a living example that the sea had a power that was not dead.

Is the Dead Sea really dead? It got its title because plants and fish cannot live in the saltiest environment in the world. The Dead Sea contains ten times more salt than any other sea or ocean, but the mineral composition of the salt has therapeutic as well as beautifying properties. The compounds in the salt interact with skin and restore a healthy, vivacious look. There’s only 10% sodium in the salt, but the salt holds the highest concentration of minerals found on the planet.

The minerals in addition to the water are totally bio-active in terms of health benefits. The magnesium within the salt is the fourth most abundant mineral found in the human body and it is essential for the cellular growth of the skin and for more than three hundred biochemical reactions in the body.

However, that’s just the beginning. Magnesium helps keep the bones strong, and it regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure. The calcium present in the salt clears the pores, reduces water retention, stimulates circulation and helps balance the nervous system as well as toning the heart.

The sodium from the salt improves the skin’s ability to hydrate and exfoliate its dead skin. The potassium channels vital energy to skin cells and the bromide in the salt works as a natural antiseptic and calms the nerves.

The other elements like zinc, boron, strontium, chloride, and manganese bring the ingredients treasured to treat conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and several forms of arthritis.

The healing properties of Dead Sea salt reveal the truth that the Dead Sea is a living energy system that offers the capacity to restore as well as rejuvenate the human body as well as the spirit.

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