Candida Cleanse FAQs

The idea of a Candida Cleanse is enough to send shivers down many spines and there are many questions surrounding what it is and how it works to cure your yeast infection. Lets try and clear up some of the mystery…..

The Candida cleanse is just a thing that you take to make you go to the toilet more isn’t it?
It is surprising how many people think so! While you do take on extra fiber to help flush the toxins from your system this is a very small part of the process.

To do the Candida cleanse properly we need to go on a special elimination diet and take supplements that both support our cleanse and kill the fungus. These work to cure us by doing these four things;

  1. Killing the fungus
  2. Giving our immune system a boost
  3. Removing toxins
  4. Repairing the damage caused by all of the above.

Can we do all of this just by changing what we eat?
Although the diet for Candida is an essential part of any Candida cleanse, it will be almost useless as anything other than a great weight loss program if we don’t take supplements to support our cause.

What are we allowed to eat during our Candida cleanse?
To kill the fungus we need to stop eating all sugar and foods that convert to sugar, like starches and carbohydrates. Moldy food also tends to irritate the fungus. We also need to remove foods that we could be sensitive to, like gluten and dairy.
For the first few weeks it pays to only eat; green leafy vegetables, non starchy vegetables – like broccoli and cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, cucumber, eggs, lean lamb, chicken, fish, nuts and seeds.

What are the supplements that we need?

  • Natural anti-fungal remedies – there are 7 natural supplement that are brilliant anti-fungals. The trick with these is to rotate them so that the fungus does not build up a resistance to any of them.
  • Support for the kidneys and liver – they will be moving a lot of waste through in a short time, so need extra help
  • To help our bodies repair the cellular damage caused by the fungus we need to supplement essential minerals and proteins.
  • Health supplements for taking away poisons – we all have some degree of heavy metal and parasitic poisoning. If we want to make a full recovery then we need to gently remove everything that will interfere with our immune system.

Self prescribing supplements can be dangerous, so it is best to follow the advice given in a recommended Candida cleanse program or from a health care provider. Never exceed the recommendations and instructions written on the bottle.

What about side effects?
There is a lot of information about a phenomenon called ‘Candida Die Off’ or the Herxheimer response.This phenomenon is caused by the Candida dying and releasing a flood of toxins into your body. As a result you symptoms will get worse before they get better, but may be minimized by taking on extra vitamin C and using your fiber shakes.

To find out which supplements are the best for a Candida cleanse program head to


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