Candida Cleanse Diet

Doesnt a Candida cleanse diet sound strange? But honestly this really is one of the most effective ways of removing the fungus from your system.

The diet for Candida is a three stage method designed to do two things;

  1. Stop feeding the Candida fungus – all those foods we love containing sugar, refined carbos, mold are candida favourite to! Eliminating these foods is the foremost component of removing Candida from your system.
  2. Remove allergens/sensitivities. Candida will take a grip within us when our immune system is compromised through overwork, food sensitivities and allergies are a large contributer for this occurring. Knowing what we are sensitive to is almost impossible, so the first stage of the Candida diet will tell us what foods are causing us harm.

How complicated is the Candida Cleanse Diet?
Truthfully the hardest part at the begining of the Candida diet is sorting out what you can and cant eat.
Salads and stir fries are quick and simple to prepare. I find that it is actually quicker and easier than the meals that I used to prepare.

How expensive is the food on the Candida Cleanse Diet?
This depends on how close you are to a supply of fresh produce and what you currently eat – if you eat a lot of prcessed foods you may even find that it costs you less!

Stage 1 of the Candida Cleanse Diet

No matter which program you follow, every Candida Cleanse Diet starts with this stage. It is at this initial stage that we start to attack the fungus from two angles; we take away its food source and we take away the foods that are distracting our immune system so now it can focus on killing the Candida.

A really quick summary of stage one is that we are taking out food containing;

  • sugar (including fruit, fruit juice and artificial sweeteners)
  • carbohydrates (simple or otherwise),
  • starch,
  • yeast,
  • mold,
  • gluten,
  • wheat or
  • dairy
  • Fermented foods like soy sauce, vinegar and alcohol are also out.

While some programs say that wholegrains, low sugar fruits, small servings of cottage cheese or natural yogurt are fine in stage one, others say absolutely not! So the best way to handle this is to do what you feel is best. If you are unsure, then do not eat it, but if you can not stand the thought of lettuce without cottage cheese then pop a small blob on top of your salad!

Stage 2 of the Candida Cleanse Diet
This is where we get to slowly add foods back into our diet. If you have been off wholegrains, start with them otherwise simple foods like legumes or other grains are a good start. Just add one at a time, one day at a time, one serving at a time.
After each addition it is important to note whether you feel some sort of reaction even if it is just that your heat rate goes up! Keeping some sort of food diary is a really good idea here.

Stage 3 of the Candida Cleanse Diet
Congratulations! At this stage you have reintroduced most foods and are able to resume some sort of normal diet.Even the occasional Pizza can go onto the menu!

The Candida Cleanse Diet is a fantastic way of killing the fungus and helping to identify foods that may be suppressing your immune system, but to make a full recovery you also need to be able to heal the damage caused by the fungus and help your other organs recover. Only by doing this can you permanently cure your yeast infection.

To do this you need a 5 step program like the one developed by Linda Allen – to find out more head to Yeast infection No More


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