Can Raw Food Help Cure Diabetes?

One of the biggest epidemics of disease in the US today is diabetes . A simplified definition of diabetes is when your body does not produce enough insulin to properly use the right kind of sugar into your bloodstream. This can have devastating effects on the body, as the cells do not get all of the fuel they need for energy and growth. There are even more cases of diabetes out there but have yet to be diagnosed .

While all of the causes of diabetes are not fully understood, eating raw foods helps to reduce some of the currently known risk factors . Therefore, it makes sense to choose a raw food diet whether you have been diagnosed or not.

Dietary needs of diabetics

It is important to understand that diabetics require even more levels of nutrition than everyone else . Nutrition is one of the most important elements for controlling diabetes properly. As you will see, following a raw food menu will fit in with diabetic nutritional recommendations. Here are some basic tips on eating right.

Choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. (Diabetics may need to limit starchy vegetables)

Avoid processed grains such as white flour, and white rice. Opt for whole grains instead .

Add lentils and beans (like pinto, garbanzo, or kidney beans) to your diet.

Eat fish a few times a week.

Consume non-fat dairy products.

Reduce high-calorie snacks and like cake, cookies, chips, and ice cream.

Raw foods for diabetes

Most of these recommendations fit in well with the raw food lifestyle . The main difference is that the food would not be cooked, as raw foodists eat raw, uncooked, unprocessed and organic food. Fish and dairy products may or may not be a part of your raw food diet. Raw foods are known to reduce the risk of many diseases including diabetes .

As you can see the benefits are truly endless to eating raw foods especially for someone that suffers from diabetes . A raw food diet helps those with diabetes by sticking to the current dietary guidelines. But there is more to it than that. The reason raw foodists do eat uncooked food is because all of the naturally occurring enzymes. These enzymes promote optimum health and digestion. So, not only are you eating healthy, but your body is getting full use of the nutrients present in your food.

If you do suffer from diabetes and are looking to change your diet to raw foods, make sure to consult your physician and nutritionist to make sure it is okay to do so . Take some time to explain what the raw foods diet is all about. Chances are your doctor will be very pleased and encourage you to move forward. Be sure to continue monitoring your blood sugar level according to your doctors instructions. Some diabetics eating raw foods have seen remarkable improvements in their condition. Maybe you could be one of them.

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