Are You Suffering From An Ovarian Cyst?

An ovarian cyst can be a huge inconvenience to any woman.  It could make it tough to do things that were once easy and effortless.  I know this first hand since my wife suffered from these horrible growths.  It all started somewhat simply.  She started to feel dull aches in the lower part of her abdomen and lower back.  I thought that maybe she had just worked out too hard so I told her that she ought to give it a few days and see if it passes and she agreed. 

We kept on going about our daily lives and then she started to go through frequent headaches. I did not think that this could be connected to the dull aches so I told her to just take some aspirin and it will go away.  Days turned in to weeks and the dull aches were almost constant as were the headaches.  We were no longer able to have intercourse as it hurt her too much.

We made an appointment to see her physician and then waited out the week until the day of our appointment.  By this point I was feeling awful for thinking that her pains were no big deal.  I was doing all the household tasks around the home to be able to make sure that she got to rest.  Taking care of the children, washing the dishes, cooking, you name it, I was doing it, but I would rather be doing all the household tasks in the home then be suffering from the pain that she was experiencing.

One night I decided to look up her symptoms online.  I saw that practically all the websites suggested that she can be suffering due to an ovarian cyst.  There was one web site in particular that caught my eye, it was all about natural methods to cure ovarian cysts, I saved it in my bookmarks just in case and then forgot about it by the next day.

Sure enough we went to the doctor and she said that my wife was suffering from an ovarian cyst.  She said that there was truly nothing that she could do aside from give us a prescription for pain pills.  She told us that if it gets worse then in three months come back and that she could preform an operation.  Then again this operation may result in my wife loosing her ovaries.  I had no idea as to what to do, three months is a long time to watch somebody you love suffer and then the fear of an operation and probably loosing her ovaries, it just seemed like too much.

We came home and filled the prescription.  She started taking the pain pills and after a few days she seemed worse!  I looked at the side affects of these pills and just to name a few here: queasiness, problem sleeping, depression, you name it!  I did some study and found that so as to reduce the pain brought upon by an ovarian cyst that these pills had to be taken within the first few days of the pain starting.  While doing my research I remembered that page that I saved in my bookmarks, the one concerning the natural methods to cure an ovarian cyst.  I figured that we had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I beganstarted reading up on these tips and tricks and she started to put them in to action. 

Within the first 3 days she was feeling better and in less than a couple of months she was back to normal in every way!  When we went back to her physician the cyst was gone!  That is right, we used an all natural treatment and it not only got rid of the signs, it got rid of the ovarian cyst in less than a couple of months!

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