Are Corpus Luteum Cysts Dangerous?

You have been diagnosed with ovarian corpus luteum cysts. You have no idea of the cause; and you’re troubled about your ability to conceive and have children eventually. Physicians are really great with million dollar words. However, you have several vital questions:

What exactly is a corpus luteum cyst?

During a normal reproductive cycle the ovaries actually develop a cyst-like sac that is filled with fluid. With the increased production of estrogen and progesterone, the sac would burst and the egg would be discharged for possible fertilization. In some cases, the corpus luteum will seal over again, instead of going away. The sealed cyst will then be filled with much more fluid.

Are corpus luteum cysts dangerous?

Generally, a woman will never realize she has a corpus luteum cyst. It does not even hurt, and it would not prevent or harm a subsequent pregnancy. Then again, in the rare event the cyst does not resolve itself, the sac could become very big, twist, and cause abdominal pain sometimes together with sickness and fever. Corpus luteum cysts can be truly dangerous if the indications go beyond abdominal pain and queasiness. If a luteum cyst bursts, it could bring about internal bleeding. After that, it is very essential to get prompt medical attention.

What are the treatment alternatives?

Normally, corpus luteum cysts resolve themselves and remedies are not even necessary. However, if the cysts become too excruciating, grow too big and press against the bladder, or bring about whatever other unlikable symptoms that make every day life miserable, a woman has 3 alternatives:

1. Hormone treatment
A physician will likely suggest hormone treatment as the initial choicealternative. However, it means taking birth control pills, which could make pregnancy impossible and be a semi-permanent solution to a natural drawback.

2. Surgery
If the corpus luteum cysts grow very big and twist the ovary, a doctor may suggest the invasive method of surgical treatment. Rather than waiting until the cyst ruptures and brings about more health problems, it might be considered necessary to remove the problem by means of laparoscopy or other method.

3. Holistic therapy
Lots of women have decided on holistic therapy to resolve corpus luteum cysts and make sure the cysts do not painfully come back in the future. No synthetic hormones which prevent pregnancy are essential; invasive and expensive operation is not required; and there is no probable harm to the reproductive system.

Hence, if you have been diagnosed with a corpus luteum cyst, give holistic therapy a try prior to choosing a more drastic method. The natural method of curing a natural setback is the best – specifically since it would remove your cysts once and for all. A lot of women can testify to the positive outcome. Why subject your body to hormones or surgical procedure, when you have the much safer and more effective alternative of holistic remedy?


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