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 There was a time when we called chiropractors ‘quacks’, then acupuncturists, some still attack naturopathic doctors. We have tried magnetic therapies, scalar energy, now there is  zero point energy which is something that has never been seen before.  This is science fiction come true. 

 It took Amega Global 25 years of research in Quantum Physics, but they did it, they developed a new technology call Amized Fusion Technology.    It is what some call ‘natural life force energy, but they learned how to emit  ‘zero point energy’.    This company is the  ‘new kid on the block” at least in North America as they have only hit our shores in January 2010.    It is a well established company with well over 1/2 million business associates in over 13 countries worldwide.  Amega is fast becoming recognized as one of the worlds biggest wellnes companies.   Amega has  opened the world’s first Energy Wellness Centre in Kuala Lumpur at a cost of $6.5 million, with plans  already in place to open a second Clinic in California in 2010.

What is ‘zero point energy’  and why do we care.   Albert Einsteinn having looked under a very powerful microscope down to the subparticle level, named the space between these particles as the  zero point energy field.  Subjecting cells to this energy promotes natural healing in a way never seen before.   With being introduced to this awesome technology we are beginning to see that we are on the verge of a Health Care Revolution.     Let the sales number do the talking. In December 2009 sales were $42,000,  January jumped to $800,000, March sales hit a staggering $2.7 million. Now  that is what you call  a vertical take off.    The Amega logo  has 3 stripes that represent, Health, Wealth and Happiness beyond the horizon, kind of summing up what this company is all about.  Amega Amwand is one of the bestseller products of Amega global.   This wand looks like an ordinary pen, but don’t be fooled, it contains a  cocktail of minerals and crystals that have been fused together with their Amized Fusion Technology.    The Amega amwand using the zero point energy field promotes the cells to start healing.  Aside from working on the individual cells of the body, it specifically targets the immune and nervous system. Use the wand on your body or any living organism and experience the AMized resonance activating the force energy inside your cells. This mechanism helps unblock the energy channels within the cells and tissues and as a result, your body will start its healing.

Amega Global  has a dedicated team of Professionals, with expertise in the fields of Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance and Science & Technology.    Plus the additional support of more that   Their  mission is  “To open the door of opportunity” for people to create an improved way of life through a wellness concept to live life’s desire. Amega promotes the vision to empower people with Amega’s Wellness Philosophy through the 4 Pillars of Wellness – Physical Wellness, Personal Development, Financial Wellness and Environmental Wellness. To create a passion for achieving excellence in business & life. Thus empowering individuals to attract overall happiness and well being. The Management and Staff of Amega Global work towards and encourage its distributors to work towards adopting principles of these highest values:  1) To Strive to be Positive and Optimistic, 2) To Serve with Initiative and Proactiveness, 3) To Work by Contributing and with Gratitude, 4) To Praise and Share as one.

The technology of zero point energy  is starting to catch the attention of a lot of people.  It will not be long before these products will be in every household .  Understand this – Who  were the people who  made the big money in companies like Avon, Amway or even GDI. The answer, it was the people who were in there at the beginning.  Another crucial factor is the team that you join with. Make sure they offer good support and training.  For this reason, Amega Global  Network  Marketing Polaris  Group  is the team to join. These guys are professional and offer some great advertising deals. Plus, you can even post your home town on the   Amega Global Worldwide  Directory  for extra marketing exposure. My name is Kathy Pleasance  and Amega Global Products  has changed my life.

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