Amega Bio-Energetic Products

  What we have is modern bio-energetic products, far infrared technology combined together with ancient therapy theories to create an overall wellness. 

Amega Bio-Energetic Products and Ancient Magnetic Therapy

The ancient art of magnetic therapy promotes the concept that subjecting the body to magnetostatic fields carries multiple health benefits.  These fields are generated either by electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets and therapy can be conducted either by a specialist or by wearing the magnets on the body, for example in jewelry. This form of therapy can be used in specific situations such as in healing wounds or for a more general improved state of wellness, such as increased energy and vitality .

 The range of magnetostatic fields is limited in their ablility to promote wellness, stress elimination or improve immuntiy. The Amega bio-energetic products however go far beyond  incorporating all these benefits of magnetostatic fields.

Amized Fusion Technology and Amega Bio-Energetic Products

On the opposite spectrum in terms of age from magnetic therapy, far infrared technology is a rather recent development in the field of wellness. However, it has existed for thousands of years in a different form, namely palm healing which passes healing infrared energy from one person to another.

Far infrared energy has been effective in alleviating pain in the case of fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis as well as the more common headache. It has also been found effective as a weight loss aid, in detoxifying the body, improving skin disorders and even chronic fatigue.

All Amega bio-energetic products feature far infrared technology and the permanent presence of this healing energy can improve people’s wellbeing exponentially.

Amega Bio-Energetic Products: Bringing It All Together

The Amega line of bio-energetic products combines these two ancient healing practices with the aid of ultra-modern technology, making them an incredibly powerful tool for improving your overall wellbeing. By combining the two practices, this highly fashionable line of products brings you double the benefits instead of using each type of therapy separately. They not only complement each other, but also support each other to increase healing capacity.

Since both magnetic therapy and far infrared technology are known for their capacity to improve energy, vitality and reduce stress, the combination of the two offers you double the power and intensity.

Also, Amega bio-energetic products can be considered an effective support to classic medical treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and many others by helping to reduce pain as well as increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow means oxygen reaches cells faster and promotes a healthier and stronger body. If these bio-energetic products are worn consistently, you will soon notice you feel much better as many aches and pains you didn’t even realize you had begin to disappear.

Alternative medicine and treatments can be a viable option but not necessarily to replace classic medicine but as additional support.  There have been claims of cancer receding with the use of magnetic therapy and infrared energy, but there is no proof that the two are connected in any way . That is why it is best to use Amega bio-energetic products as support for classic medical treatments as well as for improved energy, vitality and an overall better life that is free of stress

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