Açaí berry is the secret from the Amazons

Around the world people are learning about the health effects of  the açaí berry, a highly nutritional berry from Central and South America. The fruit has many health and wellness benefits but make sure you  inform yourself  before you start eating or drinking açaí berry juice.

The açaí berry comes from the açaí palm. It is small , round and purple or black in color about 25mm or 1 inch in circumference.  In size and color the açai berry is similar to a grape.  . I contains one large seed. A study done of the Caboclo people of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest showed that it was their most significant plant food source. It provides up to 40% of the food intake of those native tribes.
Traditionally the açaí berry is served cols in a bowl, as a juice or even as a liqueur. Outside of South America açaí berries are being consumed in smoothies, blends, capsules and as juices.

There have been numerous claims about the health benefits of the açaí berry some of which seem hard to believe. But it is universally agreed that the açaí berry contains many antioxidants and many different kinds of macro and micro-nutrients.  Besides this it also contains fibre, vitamin C, calcium, iron and vitamin A.

Eating healthy fruit like the açaí berry has proven to be good for the human body. It helps provide all the nutrients that you need to help you look and feel younger. 
Some of the most important health benefits include:

  • It contains antioxidants which help regulate cholesterol levels and help improve vascular and cardiac function. In other words they help your heart and blood circulation stay health.
  • They are completely unprocessed and contain no unreal additives or ingredients so that your stomach and digestive system stays healthy.
  • The fruit contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helps support your immune system and can help you lose weight as part of a healthy diet.

 Can everyone benefit from eating the açaí berry? Yes,  Whether you already feel that you are in good health or you want to change your diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables. Whether you are still growing up or are a bit older. Everyone can benefit from the nutrients and vitamins that are found in the açaí berry.

The biggest issue that people are  by nature struggling with these days is weight loss .  Eating less processed food and and eating more healthy fruit and vegetables has been proved to result in weight loss . Because processed food contains a lot of harmful ingredients such as gluten, high fructose corn syrup and far more sugar and salt than most people realize. If you think about how native South American can use the açaí berry as 50% of  their daily intake of food then you’ll realize that this is one of the best things you can eat. 

Unfortunately, since the açaí berry has become so popular  it is very common to find juices and smoothies called something like açaí juice but only containing 1% of the superfruit  . That is why you need to secure trusted sources of açaí berries and açaí berry juice so that you know that you are investing in quality nutrition. Make sure you thoroughly enquire wherever your açaí berries come from and you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that you are helping yourself  to a better health  .

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