A Quick Peak at Figure Contest Peak Week

The last week of dieting for your figure contest, often known as peak week, can be daunting and perplexing.  A figure competition peak is the precise time when your body fat is low and you pull your muscles in full and hard.  It’s the pinnacle of your figure competition diet and training.  A peak can only be carried for a very short amount of time, so it is utterly critical that your diet and training are exactly timed your final week before your figure contest. 

Peaking for your figure contest will no doubt make your muscles fuller, tighter, harder, and increase vascularity, constructing an ideal package on stage the figure judges are hungry for.  

Peak week is not intended to make up for bad dieting or to pull off body fat at the last minute.  That is not what peaking is about.  Peaking is timed and precise dieting manipulation coupled with glycogen depleting workouts to redistribute the water from beneath your skin instantly into the muscles cells, making your muscles fuller and harder while creating more cuts and definition. 

While peaking for your figure contest is not easily understood, it can be the one ingredient that helps you to win your figure competition.  Since peak week comes along with mix-up and fear some figure competitors don’t even try it or they go through it blindly, which can boomerang on them.  Knowing the proper information on just how to peak will make a world of difference, and even allow you win your figure competition. 

While the days before your figure competition can be stressful, peaking for your figure competition will boost your self-assurance.  You will notice you welcome the competition head-on, are proud to be on the figure stage, and are ready for the pose down. 

The precise timing of peak week can make you stand out from the other figure competitors, providing you a big advantage.  Peaking for your figure contest is a secret tactic, and when implemented correctly, can be the decision making factor in how your place in your figure competition.

Peak week is something that can provide you with the unfair advantage over other figure athletes, so it is absolutely essential that you approach the last week prior to your figure contest precisely. 

Karen Sessions has developed a Figure Competition Prep System to show you step-by-step how to carry out peak week successfully and win your figure contest.   Learn more about how to dominate and win your figure competition in her best-selling Figure Competition eBook at:  http://www.FigureCompetitionSecrets.com  


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