A Healthy Mind Can Lead To A Healthy Body

From an understanding of the basics of our brain, we can begin the process of caring for it and promoting its wellness. Brain health is a two-step process: (1) education on the basics of your brain and (2) making the process a deeply personal one that enables you to understand why you are spending time and energy following a brain health lifestyle. Brain health recognizes the brain as a dynamic and malleable bluehost system that is shaped by environment across the entire life span. It is a way of life that is dedicated to exposing the brain to enriched environments, to the complex and novel, and to building brain reserve over a lifetime. Brain health recognizes the importance of a proactive process, and it does not recognize artificial age thresholds, as your brain does not know or care how old you are, and it does not adhere to the notion of “critical periods of brain development” unless life itself is that period. Brain health champions a proactive and lifelong approach, a lifestyle that will not only help to develop a healthy brain but will maximize your opportunity to delay the onset of neurodegenerative disease. Brain health is ultimately your commitment to maintaining access to your story with a deep desire to share that story with the next great generation. I have spent the past decade studying the literature on bluehost brain health, keeping abreast of new developments in the area, and integrating this fragmented information into a practical application.

The result, for me, has been a solid foundation for promotion of brain health that includes an understanding of the neurophysiological aspects of neural plasticity and the cognitive make up of “brain reserve.” There have been a relatively high number of research studies that correlate certain behaviors with decreased risk of dementia, what I refer to as “brain health.” My work has been dedicated to organizing and integrating all of this information so that the field of neuropsychology and brain health can go from theory to real-world application. As you will see, my intent is to provide you with a tangible and proactive lifestyle that promotes brain health through building brain reserve.

Your brain is a highly dynamic system that will react to the types of input you feed it. From this perspective, you can appreciate how much control you have regarding the potential health of your brain. You may finally begin to focus on the greatest system ever configured in the history of the universe—your brain! The first step for your brain health lifestyle is to understand its five critical parts. These include socialization, mental stimulation, physical activity, spirituality, and nutrition. Each is equally important, as they reflect the fact that we are integrated and complex organisms and that we do not function optimally in a fragmented way. Within each of these five areas, I have outlined research-based activities that have been proven to promote bluehost brain health. By including some of these activities across the five slices of brain health on a daily basis, you can begin the process of promoting the health of your brain and potentially delay the onset of neurodegenerative disease!

It is helpful to review these parts of your current lifestyle to better understand the positive and negative aspects for your brain health. Take an assessment and find out how you faire. It is important to be honest and to understand this is solely a guide to give you an idea of where you are right now. Results are not scientific and are meant to help guide your brain health lifestyle. Do not be alarmed if you give your current lifestyle a low grade. You have not been educated by society about the importance of your brain, and you have not been informed about brain health. That is about to change!   Assess your brain health by taking the first step.


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