A Diet for Candida – What and How Explained

Have you ever heard of a diet for Candida? Confused? It’s OK,  I”ll tell you what it is and how it works!

The diet for Candida is a 3 step diet that will help you two ways;
1)To help to eradicate the Candida fungus.
2)By identifying the foods you are sensitive to, you can hasen your healing and stop further infections.

Stage one of the diet for Candida
Step one is non negotiable, the fungus must be starved by taking out the foods the that may be responsible for placing stress on our immune system.
This simply means removing foods containing; carbohydrates (simple or otherwise),sugar, yeast, starch, mold, gluten, wheat and dairy. Any foods that are fermented – like Soy Sauce and vinegar are also out at this stage.

A very general rule here is if you have any doubt about whether you are allowed a food then it is best not to include it.

It is probably easier to tell you what you can eat in stage one of a Diet for Candida.
Think green and leafy. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, kale, spinach, silverbeet, celery and so on.

  • Peppers are also OK.
  • Courgettes, cucumbers, squash
  • Lean meat, chicken and fish.
  • Dont forget your omega’s, so add some flax oil to the mix.
  • Some say that whole grains, small amounts of cottage cheese and cultured yogurt are OK

The best advice here is to go with what feels right for you. If you want to take your flax oil with a tablespoon of yogurt then you go for it!

You will need to be on this stage of the diet for at least two weeks. For severe infections four weeks is the recommended minimum.

Stage two of the Diet for Candida
Now that our system has had a chance to heal, it is time to slowly reintroduce some basic foods back into our diet.The most important part here is to notice what your body does as these foods are eaten. If there is any reaction at all, from a slight quickening of your heart rate to a complete return of your symptoms then remove the food again for another two weeks.

Stage three of the Diet for Candida
Congratulations! You have done it, you can now enjoy most foods without fear of how your body will react!. Although by this stage many of the changes that you will have made through the diet for Candida will be permanent, it is particularly satisfying to know that your family pizza night can go back on the menu!

How long should we be on the diet for Candida?
Most programs say at least six weeks for mild cases and up to two years for systemic cases.
Once you have settled into your diet for Candida most people find that they continue to apply many parts of it to their regular diet.

Is the diet for Candida all I need to be cured?
The diet for Candida will certainly go a long way to eliminating the fungus and by identifying your trigger foods you will help prevent a further infection and begin to feel fantastic.If you are serious about learning how to cure Candida then the diet for Candida is the right place to start.

But to regain full health and kill the Candida completely we do need to follow a regime of supplements that include anti-fungals, nutrients to aid healing and kidney and liver cleanses to help flush out the toxins left behind by the Candida.

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