4 Ways You Can Look After Your Body

Do you ever stop and think about all the things that go on inside your body? I bet not very often. We tend to only notice our body when it goes wrong and something stops working properly, otherwise we assume it will do its job and keep us healthy and happy. Ideally we should be keeping our bodies in good shape to stop them from going wrong rather than reacting when they do. Below is some advice about how to keep the inside of your body healthy.

Give it some exercise: Exercise doesn’t just get you fit so that you can increase your lung capacity, strengthen your heart and your other muscles and get more energy, the actual act of exercising actually moves lymph fluid around to flush the dead material out of your body, and it works your intestines to help move material around. It is so crucial to us staying well that if you avoid it then you are also avoiding good health at the same time. You don’t need to slog it out on a treadmill though, even just simple walking can help to make you fitter and get all the other benefits I spoke about.

Eat lots of fiber: Fiber is natures scrubbing brush, and it helps to scour your intestines and pick up and waste that hasn’t moved along. It also helps to keep you regular and fills you up if you eat fiber rich foods, so you don’t pig out on other things. I have been constipated and it is really not nice, so you don’t want to end up in that position and have to use laxative tea to start going again.

Ditch the alcohol: People like drinking alcohol more now than ever before, they think it allows them to relax and enjoy themselves, but in reality it is just a poison which overwhelms your system. The intoxicated feeling you get is because your liver can’t filter the poison out of your system fast enough and it starts getting into your bloodstream and causing you to get that drunk feeling. Now if you want to be healthy then do you really think that flooding your body with a toxin is the right way to do it? So take the time to cut down how much you drink now if you really want to be healthier.

Ditch the morning coffee: Caffeine is actually a drug, and an addictive psychoactive drug too. I don’t think it is illegal anywhere, and it is not a hard drug like some others, but that is exactly what it is. Your body is constantly fighting against your coffee use as it floods your body with adrenaline making you feel alert, but then your body is frantically trying to get rid of the excess adrenaline so you return to your normal tired state, then people have another coffee and repeat the process.

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