4 Things You Can Use If You Are Constipated

If you are constipated then it can bring your life to a grinding halt until you find a solution. It can affect your ability to sleep, make it painful and uncomfortable to sit down, you won’t feel like eating anything and will wreck your ability to concentrate. So what options do you have? Below we discuss the 4 main solutions that people use:

Laxative pills

These are what most people will use when they experience constipation, they are easy to take and easy to buy over the counter at any shop that sells basic medicine. There are basically two types, you have the kind which are irritants and will try to get your bowel to contract and help force things out, then you have stool softeners which we will discuss in a minute.

Most people will choose the irritants and they usually work within 10 -12 hours so you need to think hard about when you take them, you don’t want them to kick in when you are doing something important at work or are not near a toilet, irritants probably won’t work if you have hard stools blocking things up though.

Stool softeners

These do exactly what their name suggests, they help to soften up hard stools so they can be passed. You can get them as little gel caps of liquid, or you can buy big bottles that you take doses from throughout the day. They work by trapping more water inside your intestines so that it can work its way into your stool and loosen it up for you. If you are suffering with hard stools then this is definitely the best option to help you get relief, but it is not as quick as an irritant and may take a few days to work fully.


The third option is a bit strange, you can get lubricants like juices and oils that help to coat the insides of your intestines and that helps you to push out the contents easier. A lubricant is great if you use it alongside one of the irritant laxatives described earlier, then as the laxative kicks in and makes you push then the lubricant helps you out.

Laxative tea

Most of the laxative teas on the market use senna in them to help in the same way as a laxative pill to irritate the intestinal wall and force movement. In fact senna is actually used in some of the laxative pills as the main ingredient, but having it in a herbal laxative tea helps you to get a larger dose than you would find in a little pill, and as it is a liquid it can get through your system faster.

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